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鄭寶坤老師 - 英文科主任

歡迎到英文科 Welcome to English Language Art

In order to motivate children to learn English, teachers would set up various activities, including interesting stories, rhymes and cartoons to present, explain and practice the learning content and make the lessons more interesting. In this way, children can learn the language subconsciously and inductively. Moreover, teachers would design appropriate teaching aids so that children can consolidate what they have learnt through playing games. In addition, there is a min-library corner in every classroom, children can read the simple stories with parents. More importantly, parents would understand more about their children’s learning situation in school as well as to build up a good relationship with the school.



Amazing Animals 有趣的動物

Children love animals, teachers set up few activities for students to learn about the animals...



In the English lesson, teachers will teach the pronunciation of each vocabulary to the children, then...


在餐廳裏 In the Restaurant

Role-playing in a reataurant scenario is used to motivate learning and encourage communication.


配對遊戲 Matching Game

After teaching the alphabets, the teacher plays a matching game with children, in which children are asked to match the capital letters with the small letters.


學習形狀 Learning About Shapes

Teacher introduces the pronunciation, meaning and spelling of different shapes. Then children, are asked to demonstrate the shapes with their hands and bodies.


學習時鐘 Learning To Tell Time

Teachers use role-playing and games to encourage our children to learn how to tell the time in English.


英文科團隊 English Team

與媽媽一起看圖書 Reading with Mother