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About Saint Paul School!


'Saint Paul School' or '聖保祿學校'as the School is known in this small Chinese territory of Macao, is one of the nine Diocesan Schools. The School has a unique place in the history of education in this territory. With a population of about 3,000 students in its three levels, Kindergarten, Primary and Secondary and with a faculty of about 350 staff, Saint Paul School is considered one of the schools with the most advanced educational program of the zone. As stated by Microsoft and I quote "The School of Saint Paul of Macao is the first School in the region of Asia to abandon the chalk and textbooks and fully adopts e-learning in their classes and educational programs".


Today, Saint Paul School holds one of the largest programs of one tablet per student in Asia. The School's innovative approach to ICT deployment at such big scale through its 'Classroom 2012' project has received praise from the press and experts in the field of education. To date, many Schools and institutions in neighboring countries such as Japan, Korea, Singapore, the Philippines, Hong Kong, Shanghai and also Spain and the United States have visited the School to share and exchange ideas about our implementation model.


It has also been this innovative deployment of ICT immersion in education and the commitment to better prepare our students for the demands of the future, which on May 2, 2016, the global leader in video integration in business, education, health and government Sonic Foundry, Inc. named Saint Paul School winner in the 12th Annual Business Video Award in the category of Prolific Use. As the panel of judges expressed, Saint Paul School was the only school and the only entry from abroad among all other entries which were Universities from the USA.


It is clear that Saint Paul School has a philosophy of education that is distinctive. Our purpose and direction flow from the teaching mission of the Catholic Church and the management and educational ministry of the Dioceses of Macau and the Order of Preachers. We teach to the highest standards of education through an ethos that guarantees every child equality of esteem, regardless of their social, cultural or religious background.


Saint Paul School is a school in which motivated and talented students and staff work together to promote learning and growth. We seek to educate each child within a framework of Catholic values in an atmosphere of trust, openness and truth as we strive to develop a culture for high school academic success, including building self-esteem and confidence, as well as mutual respect, leadership, organizational and communication skills.


Saint Paul School provides a stimulating and caring environment for students from Kindergarten to Form 6 that encourages play, laughter and learning. Our designed an integrated curriculum stimulates student's imagination, inspires learning-creativeness and constructs an all-encompassing foundation in literacy, numeracy and cognitive skills. From Primary 4 to Form 6 every student has his/her own laptop computer and each learning area incorporates technology in a way that enhances our students' learning and understanding. Saint Paul School endeavors to meet the individual needs of each student. In partnership with families, our highly qualified staff consider each child's overall abilities and interests to provide programs which aim to extend identified strengths and intervene where there are gaps in learning.


The mission of Saint Paul School is to ensure that our students receive a holistic education. It is important that they have a balance of academic, social and physical pursuits. For this reason extracurricular activities are considered an extension of the classroom. The School promotes from an early age participation in one of the 83 different activities in areas such as discussion, creative writing, art, music and drama, dance, ensembles, netball, debating, movie filming and editing, and the whole range of sports. At Saint Paul School, co-curricular activities make sense and sports are played for a purpose. We believe that our young musicians, actors, painters, singers or athletes through the rigid training and teaching of quality develop the discipline and confidence necessary to be leaders in life.


"Faith without a works is a dead faith." Centered on this belief  Saint Paul School's students and the entire faculty and auxiliary staff are encouraged to develop their own personal prayer lives and to participate in social service projects, reaching out those in need. The School Management Body works closely with the Student Association at its three levels of education to provide enrichment programs. In addition to voluntary social services provided weekly in various institutions of Macao society, three major fundraising events are held annually to help the needy. During the time of Lent the different Student Associations implement the 'non-sandwich' project in which students and staff of the School voluntarily deprive themselves of the sandwich or mid-morning cookies and donate their amount to Caritas Macao to finance some of their projects. The other two programs, ' The Bazaar Day' and 'Day without Uniform', are organized  to raise funds to help the poor families and the people in need.


We pride ourselves not only in preparing our students for the highly-skilled economy of tomorrow, but in forming the future leaders of our society with religious, moral and ethical values, equality and justice principles and environment concerns








就是在教學上應用創新資訊通信技術的計畫,並為學生未來作更好準備的做法,2016年5月2日,在商業、教育、醫療和政府範疇中享譽國際視頻創作和管理解決方案的美國Sonic Foundry公司宣佈澳門聖保祿學校獲評為「第12屆企業視頻獎最廣泛使用錄影」類別的冠軍。正如評判團表示,是次參選機構大多來自大學或私人企業,澳門聖保祿學校是美國以外唯一獲獎的非高等教育學校。