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 The Pilot Scheme Workgroup Teachers and Guests

The Secondary School English Panel of Saint Paul School is glad to announce that the 2nd session of public lesson under the Inter-school Collaboration Pilot Scheme in English Teaching was successfully demonstrated on April 29th, 2023. According to DSEDJ agendas, the scheme aims to create a collaborative platform to form an enhanced curriculum and development of teacher expertise, forging closer relationships between participating schools and bringing schools together to break down the barriers in a mutually beneficial way. The scheme is co-organised by three schools: CDSJ5, CDSJ6, and Saint Paul School as the organizing school, supervised by Associate Professor Rochelle Ge, Dean of the Faculty of Education from the University of St. Joseph.

Two sections made up of the event. The first part was a public lesson demonstrated by Ms. Candy Chong and Junior Secondary 2 students with the pedagogical application of “Presentation-Practice-Production” (P-P-P) and Task-Based Language Teaching (TBLT). The students were engaged throughout the lesson and enjoyed an enhanced educational experience with various opportunities of producing the target language in a creative way. The second part was an after-class discussion by the panel teachers, together with the adviser Professor Ge, particularly noticing the instruments of both the public lesson showcase and the subsequent follow up of the project. The event was concluded with discussions and questions from the audience consisting of around 120 local and non-local teachers from schools in Macau.

Much appreciated with Mr. Stanley Cheang’s attendance, the Head of Division of Curriculum Development and Assessment from DSEDJ, who expressed high gratitude to the efforts and dedication made by the workgroup. The Pedagogical team consists of English teachers delegated by 3 schools in Macau – CDSJ 5, CDSJ 6 and Saint Paul School.

Once again, we would like to express our sincere gratitude to all teachers involved, student helpers, and other participants who had sacrificed their time and efforts in making this event a memorable and successful event.





活動第一部分是由聖保祿學校鍾曉琳老師和聖保祿初二學生進行的主題為"Environmental Problems"的教學示範。老師在課堂上採用了結合英語傳統教學法(PPP) 和任務型教學 (TBLT)的教學設計,展示是次計劃的教研成果及理念;課堂內,學生學習以小組合作形式、以ICT資訊科技工具輔助完成學習任務,學生們認真投入並共同分享任務成果,令觀課老師印象深刻。








  Additionally, SP English Ambassadors, coached by Mr. Andrew Leung, a team of students who devote to promoting English learning, were employed as helpers and student journalists to help conducting questionnaires with the audience teachers on various topics based on the public lesson showcase during the recess, whose efforts were much recognised by the participating teachers.

Ms Shum is the Emcee of the event (left). Ms. Chung gives the public lesson. (right)



  SP English Panel members and the Pilot Scheme members