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童淑芬科組長 Ms. Eva Tung

歡迎到小學英文科 Welcome to Primary English

英文已是世界語言的工具,如何讓我們的下一代能夠自然而然地和世界無障礙的溝通是我們身為教育者的責任。 針對不同年級的學生能力,老師們會因應學生的素質,編輯不同的教材來施教。不管在聽、說、讀、寫各方面皆由老師們編纂一套適合學生的材料。在不斷改革教案中,務求教學焦點明朗清晰,讓學生在活潑互動的環境中學習語言,是我們的教學目標。


English has become the world’s leading language for communication, how our next generation communicates effectively without any difficulties is the responsibility of us educators. Our teachers prepare different kinds of teaching materials designed for students at different grade levels and varying potential. They edit a series of learning materials covering all aspects, including, listening, speaking, writing and reading. Our aim is to keep improving our teaching plans and have a clear education objective, in order to provide the best English learning environment for children.


The 37th Macao-wide Students’Recitation Competition

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Fun Fair




P3 Theme Based Teaching

On 16th and 22nd November, 2022, P3 students experienced their theme-based learning this year. 





P1 English Parent-child Reading Workshop

In order to improve our students' interest in English and enhance their reading ability, we invited a special guest Mrs. Rebecca Cohen, a parent-child expert, to hold a reading workshop for our parents and demonstrate how to read with their children at home.

Poster Competition

The result of P6 “Going Green” Poster Competition was announced. The Winner is Group 9 from P6B (Natalie Yeung, Regina He, Kitty Chao and Joyce Su). The First Runner-up is Group 30 from P6D (Cytheria Ng, Crystal Lei, Jace Cheong and Derek Ao Ieong). The Second Runner-up is Group 46 from P6F (Cindy Sou, Karen Wong, Vivian Zhang, Man Huang and Irene Wong).

The 34th Macao Students’ Recitation Contest

Congratulations to our English Recitation team, they have achieved outstanding results. In this competition, the lower and the upper choral team both won the first award; Cristal Lei and Leo Zhu also won the first award; Thomas Lei and Louis Leong got the second award too.

P2 Playing Board Game

One of the most effective ways to encourage students to practice using English in class is to use games. Bearing this concept in mind, our English teachers always use different alternatives to increase the participation of the students.

英文科團隊 English Team

Earth Day Video Competition (2022)